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Aerial Drone Services

Veterans Home Inspection Services is now offering aerial drone roof inspections as a no-charge, as-needed service with any Home Inspection. I will always inspect the roof when it is accessible and safe. Now I am able to safely view inaccessible areas of a steep or high pitch roof. I will utilize my drone to safely fly over your prospective home to view and obtain aerial photos. By using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for survey, inspection, photography and videos, Veterans Home Inspection Services, LLC is committed to promoting new-age innovation, development and creativity while providing superior services, increasing safety measures, lowering costs to clients, improving quality of real time reporting and complying with FAA regulations. All aerial photography platform capabilities are subject to weather and other varying factors. Some additional uses of aerial photos of your property:

1. Property lines and encroachment issues
2. Requesting city variances for pools, fences, sheds and additions
3. Historical property photos for a gift set to music
4. Landscaping projects, tree cutting bids, driveway sealing estimates
5. Requests for various contractor bids
6. Insurance claims and damages on the property (flood, fire, ect)
7. Building in progress phase photos package
8. Roofing estimates and warranty issues
9. 360 degree videos of the house and property
10. MLS Realty photos and videos (added charge, call for prices)
11. Website photos and videos of business
12. Home roof and siding inspections All photos and videos taken are the property of VHIS.
Select photos and videos will be forwarded to the client and third parties upon request.

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