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Veterans Home Inspection Services Rochester, NY

About Us

Henrey Jetty President / Founder

My name is Henrey Jetty and I am the owner of Veterans Home Inspection Services LLC (VHIS). After retiring from the Army I wanted to continue using my skills developed in over 30 years in the Army Special Operations. Attention to detail, the ability to anticipate critical issues and quickly adapt during our missions were key to survival.

Now, in my transition to a civilian life I will use the vigilance and dedication to the Home Inspection business and to my clients. I would appreciate the opportunity to personally conduct an unbiased Home Inspection for you and your family. I am available 7 days a week for your convenience. VHIS final reports can be delivered over the Internet to anywhere in the world within 24 hours. My comprehensive reports are computer generated in a narrative format. My reports always outline the homes structural components in all of its aspects, in layman's terms, including documented pictures with detailed descriptions of my observations.

My mission is to minimize the stress that can come with home ownership. I know that this can be best accomplished by providing you with my detailed Home Inspection Report. The report will encompass all visually accessible elements of the home. This will enable you to make an educated decision, prior to the final sale, based on facts provided in the inspection report in conjunction with the homeowner's disclosure statement.

Areas of concern will be:

  • Identified major defects
  • Observed conditions that lead to major defects
  • Observed conditions that hinder your ability to finance, legally occupy, or insure homes
  • Observed safety hazards


Consider the following reasons for requesting a Home Inspection:

  • 1. Property Rentals
  • 2. Foreclosures
  • 3. Buying or selling a home
  • 4. Estate sales
  • 5. Relocation
  • 6. VA Inspection
  • 7. New construction
  • 8. Fire, Flood or Disaster Insurance


Inspection Report is Not a Repair List For Seller:

You probably have assumed that when you hire me as your home inspector, the VHIS Report would be a complete repair list for the home you’re buying. I’ve done a thorough job and may have disclosed problems with the property. Maybe it was in the plumbing or the electric wiring or perhaps it was the roof. What if the seller refuses to fix anything or are they willing to work with you? Is the seller responsible to make these repairs? Were you under the impression that the sellers must repair the problems discovered by your home inspection report?

This process can be all very disillusioning. This is a common misunderstanding about the purpose of a home inspection. Clients often view an inspection report as a mandatory repair list for the seller. The fact is sellers are not required to produce a flawless house. They have no such obligation by law or by contract. All homes need some repairs or maintenance. The critical issues covered in my report are with functionality, safety, or structural aspects of the home.

Talk with your agent and discuss how you want to proceed with the negotiations. Is the house priced correctly as is? Are the owners willing to make repairs or give a credit towards specific repairs? Will your home insurance company give you a policy with needed repairs? Look over the requirements for a VA, HUD, FHA or other loans and ensure that if repairs are needed the issues can be resolved prior to closing.

If you can check with the local building departments for permits and the original plot map for the house. The disclosure statement (dos 1614-A) may show improvements or issues related to the house (or not).

Talk with your agent before you forward your inspection report to anyone. You have paid for the report and have no obligation in the state of New York to give it away. Once the report has been forwarded to a third party, they may use it for whatever purpose they see fit. You can re-sell your report to any interested party if you can make the deal. This may include a radon report. You may want to include a statement that limits the distribution of the report without your consent.

As your home inspector, I will not say if you should buy the house or not. I will give you the best report that I can provide and make recommendations to any needed repairs. I cannot provide exact estimates to the cost of repairs. You and your agent may want to ask for at least 3 qualified and licensed contractors to give detailed scope of work and cost estimates.

Try to look for and discuss “big ticket” issues that may cause a “deal breaker”, before the home inspection. Ask the seller if they have conducted a pre-inspection and ask to see the report. I am available 7 days a week for any questions text or email 585-362-2848.

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